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I’m a bit shocked that no one has done it before now, and I suspect that one of the pre-existing micropub clients out there could probably add the functionality as a one day project at an upcoming IndieWebCamp.

Interesting idea! Will not be used by me and I don’t know if it’s to specific for only one or two people. But thanks to the #indieweb all the needed techniques are already there. Especially for static sites – like mine, which is Hugo powered – a constant rebuilding is time & resource intensive and could be a blocking point for such live updates.

I try to reduce my Twitter consumption more & more but still check daily. Most often I use Tweetbot on iOS or Twitteriffic/Mac to consume. That way I see no ads and also have my timeline like it should be. Currently I implement more Indieweb principles onto my own Hugo-static site and trying different approaches on how to answer to Tweets and Toots from my own site. However, I’m still not happy with these results because of formatting issues or strange looking Tweets/Toots on their sites.

Indieweb und die DSGVO

So langsam kommt der 25.05.2018 immer näher und ich hatte gehofft das die DSGVO für meinen kleinen Blog hier nicht relevant ist. Gedanken macht man sich aber trotzdem und man liest auch einiges darüber in den Medien. Dazu gibt es schon viele hilfreiche Blogbeiträge mit Tipps. Was mir aber bisher gefehlt hat, war das Indieweb Thema und der Datenschutz. Denn eigene Kommentare, IP-Adressen usw. speichere ich nicht hier im Blog. Allerdings werden sehr wohl Webmentions von Twitter & Co angezeigt.   Weiterlesen…