Repost of a Mastodon status does not show up

issue  New Github issue on Github project "bridgy-fed"

Since posting to works fine, I tried to repost a status on Mastodon today from my site. I used Telegraph to send the request and got a “202” back, so everything seems fine.

However the repost/reblog does not appear on my account at Toots&Replies. Also the repost wasn’t counted on the original status. Here is the log from for this repost-of action.

I don’t know if this is the right channel to ask, or better via IRC, so I try it here first, but feel free to close this here and point me to the right “support channel”. Thanks!

Consider support for Bridgy publish to Pixelfed (Fediverse) instances

issue  New Github issue on Github project ""

To publish images to Pixelfed (Fediverse), support for those instances would be a great addition. Since the Pixelfed API is based on Mastodon V1 API, I hope that therefore not a complete new development is necessary. At least it sounds like a “low hanging fruit” 😉

A possible use case would be to publish photos posts to Pixelfed instances and also enabling Webmentions to retrieve reactions to those posts.

If this is already possible with the “Mastodon” function, a hint on how to use it would be helpful.